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"every disciple that is perfect shall be as his master." Luke 6:40

UPDATE 28-APR-2021
The men met after last Sunday's assembly to discuss the work of the church here.
It was noted that we need more facetime and then suggested that we resume our mid week Bible studies.
This met with everyone's approval. The chosen book to study was The Acts of the Apostles.

The church will resume meeting regularly Wednesday evenings at 7 pm at the building.

We will also continue meeting regularly Sunday at the building.
The Sunday 10 AM Bible study is from the book of Psalms. We're currently at Psalm 35.
This will be followed by our 11 AM Sunday worship assembly.
The meetings will no longer be broadcast on Facebook.
No plans to resume Sunday evening assembly at this time.

Full Coronavirus Announcement (11/14/2020)

Welcome to West Columbia
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Church Building

This is the building in which the church meets.
It's a nice building, but it's not the church.
They're much nicer.   Come see! 
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